About Me

Since 2000, i've been working on semantic web technologies, developing related skills and delivering related projects. The First system i desigend was called iBank, which soon after turned into a project called Basedrive.


As an entrepreneur, i've worked on commercial projects as well as many community projects. Notably in 2004, i helped to develop a youth incubator called slingshot, for disadvantaged young people to work in to start new businesses and have continued to contribute towards an array of educational and communuity engagement projects supporting environment, civics, community cinema, local media and heritage.


The Australian Way : Written by Thomas Keneally from Brad Hurt on Vimeo.


Perhaps most memorably, managing a civics project that was empowered by a commission from Australia's Governor General provided an incredible sense of community contribution, working with some amazing people, producing amazing work such as The Australian Way.


Commercially, my projects are somewhat described in my LinkedIn Profile online. I work collaboratively with people around the world, seeking to build new solutions to problems that otherwise do not have a solution available.


If your looking for some help with an innovative project, please feel welcome to let me know by getting in touch via linkedin.



Skype: sailing_digital

Email: tim@webcivics.org

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