Commercial Applications

Commerce continually seek new more effective ways to do business and to improve our environment whilst doing something meaningful. We enjoy watching TV as an entertainment medium, we'd like to improve our footprint on the planet and improve our use of technology to improve our lives and that of others around us.

The development of internet is intrinsically linked to the opportunities provided to people to define and develop new solutions. Most organisations rely upon transactional, entertainment and innovation technologies. Whilst the meaning of new technology is different for every business the single most important factor any business faces is its ability to adapt to change, and benefit the lives of surrounding communities throughout the process.


With the advent of digital receipts, entire supply chain processes can be tracked. This means perishable goods can be tracked from manufacture to end-customer, and loyalty relationships can easily be created and managed between end-customers, retailers and suppliers in an interactive and permissions based methodology.


Hybrid Television technologies offer enormous opportunities for content producers, providers and distributors. Interactive content can be published to multiple platforms easily, advertising can be produced and delivered on a targeted basis including geographic targeting, better supporting small business, and applications can be produced to interact with multiple devices as to provide a means to connect media, with people and other knowledge systems.


Innovation is part of life. The digital economy, where increasingly communications networks play a role with our methods for living, will evolutionise life in ways we're simply not aware of yet. Through the introduction of Semantic Internet Knowledge capital markets are envisaged to explode, or much more rapidly develop. As this happens, our innovation cycles in delivering science in forms that are usable for people in every day circumstances will likely increase in a multitude of ways from the way we get and use energy, through to clothing, manufacture, customer service and an array of other industries applications. The science of innovation is perhaps the most meaninginful part of the purpose defined through the development of internet.