Civic applications are means, processes and purpose which strive to develop and deliver community benefit as the driving force for innovation. Civics includes many forms, from education, heritage and other liberal arts. Consistantly throughout fields of civic application of semantic web infrastructure, the need for recgonition for contributors is common throughout the threads or fields of work.

Semantic web provides the facility to support these functions by providing users identity, not just corporations or other incorporated entity. Your data, is stored and supported in systems where providers take no fudiciary interest in your data, in your content as an owner; rather, providers support your interactions with internet as a provider, a trusted partner who helps you manage your knowledge and seek access to other elements of knowledge in a way that can be brought together to provide meaning and acknowledgement to the billions of interent users, contributors around the world.


Real Time Communications

Internet is designed to connect people and their ideas. Real-Time Communications technologies provide the means of how that is made possible. The internet of the future will be faster, smarter and far more capable of communicating in ways that haven't been invented yet.

To achieve, to develop, to continue the evolution of communications technologies it is believed a few technologies will be playing a role along the way in the advent of the emerging web 3.0 and beyond.



Communications technology enables innovation in every part of our lives. From the implications of smart-grid technology, to advancements in medical sciences, 3D printing or display technologies that change the way we interact with communications systems. Science and technology have an inextricable link that the progress in those areas develops the new solutions we use and learn to rely upon, to support our communities, to help our environment to expand our minds with knowledge and bring meaning, purpose to our lives.